Virtual Security Services

Virtual Security Benefits

Would you like to reduce your security costs but still have the peace of mind of 24/7 protection? Virtual Guard Service can help. Our interactive video monitoring services deliver high-level security and surveillance around the clock for far less than the cost of uniform or patrol guard services. In addition to reduced costs, here are some other ways your company can benefit from Virtual Guard Service’s interactive video monitoring solutions:

  • We never take a break.
  • We never fall asleep.
  • We’re on the clock 24/7.
  • We provide immediate response to intercept suspicious activity.
  • In many cases, we can thwart crime before it starts through two-way audio.
  • Two-way audio & live monitoring is a link for safety to staff/customers in dangerous situations, such as a robbery.

How it Works

One or more cameras are installed with a field of view similar to that of an onsite guard covering the entire property. Two-way audio, pan tilt and zoom functions can be incorporated into each camera all linked to our central video monitoring facility. Upon motion detection, the system transmits Video, Audio and Data to us and we follow procedures assigned to that specific event.

Virtual Monitoring Applications


Retail businesses often need assistance protecting their staff and inventory. Our technology and monitoring services are always on, even when a physical on-site guard is on break. Our systems can protect your inventory and staff and deter theft. Retailers who have benefitted from a Virtual Guard Service system including automotive dealerships, convenience stores, health clubs and shopping centers.


Restricted access and criminal activity are two things that are always considered in residential areas. Residents and visitors at apartments and condominiums, gated communities, subdivisions and boat slips and docks should be monitored and know they are safe. We have a variety of access control systems, video monitoring systems and virtual attendant services that will allow you to give your residents and visitors a high level of protection at all times.


In many commercial settings, such as office buildings, hospitals and care facilities, hotels and museums and galleries, unauthorized access can be a problem. Our access control systems can ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to your facility. Interactive video monitoring can also allow our monitoring team to watch for suspicious activity or any forced entrance into restricted areas.


Industrial facilities oftentimes need proactive approaches for theft prevention and access control. Construction sites, laboratories, warehouses and utility substations can be fitted with customized surveillance systems that are linked

Remote Video Monitoring & Management Structures

Video Guard Tour

This can be provided in a variety of structures. Some high security applications call for constant surveillance of cameras or checking certain areas at predetermined times.

Video Opening & Closings

This is a very useful service that logs a brief video clip of every user who arms and disarms the security system at a given location. The video can be stored for further audits or emailed immediately to management. In addition to other advantages, this confirms that the authorized employees are opening and closing the business.

Video Alarm Verification

This provides great assistance in identifying false alarms eliminating unnecessary police dispatches. The use of video verification continues to grow with many municipalities adopting it as their preferred verification method.

Random Surveillance

This service is both economical and useful, allowing for specific monitoring of a video system at different time periods during the day. Along with two-way audio communications during a tour, these systems are a great deterrent to theft and employees’ improper behavior.

Video Escort

This service affords clients added peace of mind for personnel working late or off hours. With the use of video cameras, speakers and microphones, the user can initiate a video tour with our remote center by activating a tour button. A security staff member will greet them over a hands free communication system. At this point the user can freely walk to their car parked in the parking area. The user can remain in full verbal communication with security personnel while knowing they are also monitored through the remote cameras. In the event of any tentative or dangerous situation, security can warn the user, dispatch authorities and stay with the user until assistance arrives.

Offsite Storage

With Virtual Guard Systems, we store all video on offsite storage in our secure data center. This provides a higher level of security knowing that employees or burglars can not destroy the images stored offsite.

Panic Button Monitoring & Response

Panic button monitoring is an emergency response feature that allows our SARC operators to immediately respond and give it the highest level of priority. Panic buttons can be worn on the person, or be located in a undisclosed area. The panic button alert will be quickly verified by video, and our operators will dispatch the appropriate first responder.​

Activity And Trend Analysis

Our operators monitor and track suspicious activity that occurs at the site. They trend this activity and provide reports on a weekly basis to the customer. We can now then determine to take further action to prevent an actual incident from occurring. ​

Point Of Sale Monitoring

POS systems are monitored for abnormal or suspicious transactions. These transactions are compiled into a report and sent to the corresponding parties immediately.​

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