Surveillance Systems


Video Surveillance:

CCTV is a key component of a complete security solution. We offer customized systems to meet the requirements of the diverse marketplace. From commercial to residential we have provided our customers with leading edge security solutions. Our goal is to enhance safety and improve operational efficiencies.

Video Surveillance is necessary in preventing losses and protecting your assets. In addition to operating 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, it is a valuable resource to deter any fraudulent activity plus the digital recording.

Loss Prevention:

  • Overtly or covertly monitoring areas as a means of loss prevention
  • Observe and record shoplifting activities and dishonest employees; prevent theft.
  • Monitor point-of-sale exceptions (cash register voids, over-rings, etc) reducing cashier theft
  • To compile recorded evidence against bogus accident claims
  • Monitor merchandising displays in stores that may be hundreds of miles away
  • Remote viewing

Safety Application:

  • Monitor common areas or high-risk areas to ensure public/employee safety
  • Monitor hazardous work areas
  • Ensure the security of parking facilities
  • Remote Observation

Management Tools:

  • Check stock on store shelves
  • Monitor production lines
  • Train employees
  • Demonstrate management’s due diligence towards protecting employees, clients and visitors
  • Minimize litigation and negative publicity

Security Tools:

  • Monitor sensitive areas where infrequent activities occur (ie confidential records, safes, etc)
  • Integrate with access control systems to provide video of persons entering and leaving the premises
  • Network video recording on alarm
  • Network video and audio streaming

Access Control

Electronic Security Systems designed and installed to provide protection against unwanted visitors into a property or area and allow free movement and entry for authorized users.

Benefits of Keyless Entry:

  • Increases safety for employees or family members
  • Eliminates costly re-keying and lock changes
  • Wireless access control systems are cost efficient as there are no wires to run
  • Most devices offer instant updates to all locks, with automatic lockdown functions
  • Biometric readers (fingerprint, retinal eye scanners, 3D face readers) offer the ultimate in security management as identities cannot be transferrable

Access control devices include:

  • Pin code entry
  • Remote entry
  • Magstripe
  • Proximity Readers
  • Smartcard
  • Biometric
  • Long Range Readers