Private Investigations

ICU Security Group LLC is licensed through the Arizona Department of Public Safety to conduct private investigations within the State of Arizona. The investigative team at ICUSG is comprised of retired police detectives from within the Arizona law enforcement community. The team has a combined 140 years of investigative experience and have worked many of the highest profile cases in recent Arizona history. This knowledge and experience is now available to the private sector.

ICU Security Group is a full service private investigations company, however, we do have our areas of expertise. These areas include surveillance operations (traditional & technical), GPS installations & tracking (personal or fleet management), pre-employment screening, background investigations and training & consulting. Our team is the most experienced and highly trained investigators in the State of Arizona.

Investigative Services:

  • Surveillance
  • GPS Tracking
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Tenant Screening
  • Background Investigations
  • Training & Consulting
  • Threat Assessment
  • Interviews & Interrogations
  • Process & Subpoena Service
  • Criminal & Civil Investigations
  • Cold Case Investigations
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Property Investigations
  • Financial Investigations
  • Theft & Fraud Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Missing Persons
  • Runaways
  • Identity Theft
  • Personal Injury
  • Locates