Custom Designs


Sometimes your security requirements go beyond monitoring and alarm systems. ICU Security Group staffs a team of designers and security advisors ready to work with you achieve all of your security goals. Whether you need covert storage for firearms or important items, a safe room, or a way to discreetly hide a safe, our designers and installation experts can help.

What sets us apart is our attention to detail. We don’t want anyone to see our work so all cables and cameras are painted to blend into their surroundings. Any additions made to existing rooms or doors will be done with matching materials.

Below is a list of projects we have done in the past as well as photos of recent projects:

  • adding ballistic protection to existing structures (including walls, doors, and windows)
  • hidden openings
  • slat wall storage options
  • access control
  • panic/situation supplies/storage rooms
  • dead bolts for internal and external doors

Hidden-Gun-Vault-1Hidden-Gun-Vault-3Hidden-Gun-Vault-2painted-cameraSecurity-Vault-3Security-Vault-1-150x150Security-Vault-2-150x150Door3Door-2keypad-2Covert-shelves-closed-copy Covert-shelves-open-copy Covert-mirror-closed Covert-mirror-open